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Taste is an instrument.

With practice, it can

harness new relation-

-ships and patterns

 of information –

resonances in



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Parallel to our visual curation, we will begin publishing free-form discussions with creatives, makers, and innovators. These conversations will not emphasize process or practice, but are instead aimed to provoke new lines of thinking and perspective.


We intend to un-package and understand how individuals relate to their existence: identity, ideology, belief, the future, objectivity, absolutes, meaning, purpose, intelligence, self-awareness – subjects that engage our sense of reality and being alive.


We are not sure what this will cultivate or what patterns may emerge; Spectra is a cultural experiment. What we do know is that the simplest way to advance one's own perspective is through unique exposures – to confront and adapt to new ideas and experiences.


We must be bold to accept information that deconstructs the limits of our identities. Our only intentions are to aggregate and amplify this natural process – to inspire new perspectives – to catalyze culture – to take the complex and make it simple.

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